Landscape Design

Beautiful landscapes start right here.

At Reverie Designs, we think about the overall picture. That’s why we provide expert landscape design in addition to our interior design services. Living in Florida, you want your backyard to be an outdoor oasis where you can have some fun or just relax with friends and family. We will work with you to design the outdoor space of your dreams. We provide a wide selection of services such as full designs, vibe boards, landscaping, furnishing, patio renovation, and more! Contact us today to find out what potential exists right outside your backdoor.

Stylish landscape design solutions.

Let us turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis.
Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you provide?

Reverie Designs starts with your vision in mind. Whether it’s restyling existing furnishings and art or building a new space from scratch, my full-service designs meet any and all expectations with ease.

What’s the design process like?

Your motivation to change the look and feel of any room is where I begin. From there, you can set up a consultation to get to know one another and discuss the vision for your space. After that, I will present you with a digital vibe board and a 3-dimensional digital walk through as appropriate. Once the designs have been agreed upon, I'll get to work transforming your space!

How many clients do you take on at once?

At Reverie Design, I believe in personal and dedicated service. That’s why I typically only take on 2-3 clients at a time. You can be confident that you will not be forgotten or neglected.

What makes Reverie Designs different?

Chic mom and talented designer, Cara is an approachable design professional. Every client has a unique story that she builds from to create a space that is functional and personal.